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[Map Of Rethymno]
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  Chania Rethymno Heraklio Lassithi  
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1. Agia Galini4. Bali7. Panormo10. Rethymno Suburbs
2. Agia Triada5. Kastri8. Perama11. Rethymno Town
3. Axos6. Melidoni9. Plakias


  The village is situated 46 kilometres of southly-eastern Rethymno City. Axos is found in a rich valley at the north side of Psiloritis. There is abundance of water and a public fountain, which is used from middle ages until nowadays. Axos was an important ancient city, probably built when Dorian came to Crete (about 1000 BC). During the venetian occupation the population moved to Anogia. Axos flourished at the Byzantine years as proves the big number of churches which are found in the region. Nowadays only nine of them are saved.


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