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  Chania Rethymno Heraklio Lassithi  
The Archaeological Museum


  This museum is located in the town of Rethymno and exhibits various items and relics found all around the prefecture of Rethymno, dating from the Neolithic period to the Roman years. All the finds are organised in a chronological order. Among them are jewellery, tools, figurines and spearheads from the Neolithic period which have been found in the Gerani Cave and in the cave of Ellenes Amariou.

Fine ceramics from the Late Minoan period are also displayed as well as a small Egyptian collection, Hellenistic and Roman statues and an important collection of coins of various periods and regions.

The museum is opened every day except Monday. Telephone: 28310 29975.


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The Historical and Folklore Museum


   This museum can be found in the beautiful town of Rethymno and exhibits a rich collection of example of the local weaving art and techniques, traditional embroidered national and regional costumes, lace, basket-weaving, ceramic art, paintings and various other items of folk art.

This museum is open every day except Sunday.

Telephone: 28310 23667.


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The Marine Museum


   This pleasant museum is standing in the town of Rethymno and has on display numerous shells and some vertebrates, sponges and fishes.

It is open everyday except Sunday and Monday.


The Centre of Contemporary Art


   In this gallery visitors will seen a rich collection of woks made by the local artist Kanakakis and a collection of representative pieces of arts of the modern Greek painting. Various exhibitions of modern art are organised regularly in the gallery.

It is open everyday except Monday.


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