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[Map Of Rethymno]
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  Chania Rethymno Heraklio Lassithi  
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1. Agia Galini4. Bali7. Panormo10. Rethymno Suburbs
2. Agia Triada5. Kastri8. Perama11. Rethymno Town
3. Axos6. Melidoni9. Plakias


Starting from the center of the town of Rethymno take the New National Road in the direction of Heraklio. First you will arrive at the picturesque village of Perivolia. Driving eastern, after 3 km you will find Misiria and Platanias. Continuing the driving eastward you will arrive at Adelianos Campos (6.5 kilometers from Rethymno City), an area of extensive development of hotel units stretching along the beach. About 8 kilometers away from Rethymno it is situated the small village of Campos Pigis. Driving at the other side of Rethymno, 4 kilometers west of the city and 4 kilometers from the beach, you will arrive at one of the most picturesque Cretan villages named Atsipopoulo. In Atsipopoulo you can find tavernas, shops and bars, just like in Scaleta village, that is 11 kilometers away from Rethymno City. A few kilometers away from Rethymno you can visit a hill full of pine trees called Evligias, that is 1 kilometer from the sea.






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