Welcome to our Members’ Club!

Over the years we have prided ourselves in offering comprehensive travel services of exceptional quality, and you, our valued clients have rewarded us with your trust and patronage. The Members’ Club is our way of letting you know how seriously we take our commitment to offering the ultimate in personalized service.

Here at Interdynamic S.A. DMC/PCO the term “Luxury” means much more than simply the material value attached to products or services. Luxury means that Individual needs, tastes and personalities are always taken into consideration. Respect tempered with warmth – is the true spirit of hospitality! Our Members are much more to us than mere statistics in a business plan, they are associates who deserve preferential treatment, and whose uncompromising demands and discriminating taste assist us in constantly monitoring and improving the scope and quality of the services we offer.

Interdynamic S.A. operates as a worldwide General Sales Agent. Our aim, in cooperation with The Best Luxury Hotels of the World, The Greatest Hotels of the World, The Finest Hotels of the World, Sofios Luxury Hotel Collection and Unique Luxury Prestigious Cars has always been to offer you the pinnacle of quality services at the most competitive prices whether for leisure or business travel.

There are three different levels of membership to choose from and each offers a variety of additional exclusive services so that wherever you travel to it will feel like coming home. Whether you choose Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership one thing is certain – you are among good company!

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