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Efterpi Stone House
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General Information:

The Efterpi House being a part of an Old Church demolished at the end of 19th century by the Turks is built only with stones and wood. Every effort has been exercised to respect the old structure from stories told by the local people. The Mavrikiano overlooks Elounda Bay and the Village of Elounda. The Stone House is a traditional one, well preserved originally built in 1990, renovated by Anemos EPE in the month of January 2000.


Efterpi Stone Home is located in the Traditional Village of Mavrikiano, 1 Km distance from Elounda Village and 10 minutes walk from the Beach.

Elounda is perhaps one of the best cosmopolitan Villages in the world, situated to the east of Crete, 7 km from Agios Nikolaos and 70 km from Heraklion. At Mavrikiano, the beautiful Traditional Village that overlooks Elounda and its Bay, are built these Old Stone Traditional Houses. Their owners feel immense love and gratitude to their heritage, thus the need to revive and preserve the past, but at the same time modernizing them to fit the requirements of the present times. They believe that it is an expression of a most dear affection for the preservation of old times, a small token to those who kept our identity intact against the monstrosities of new buildings one nowadays sees everywhere constructed, with little taste or respect for the environment. Nowadays the thinking living creatures feel the urge to return to nature and to their roots and these Stone Houses are a part of the tribute to our Ancestors and their contribution to today's World. Explore in these pages the beauty and the sunny atmosphere of the area and if you like it, find out how you can come here for your vacation.


Distance to:NameKm or meters
AirportHeraklion International Airport, Kazantzakis70 km
City or VillageElounda Village800 m
City or VillagePlaka Village5 km
City or VillageAgios Nikolaos Town10 km
BeachSandy50 m
BeachSandy100 m
BeachRocky100 m
EntertainmentWithin Walking Distance30 m
Site of InterestOlous The Sunk City2 km
Site of InterestSpinalonga-

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The entrance to the Home leads to a small courtyard with an open sitting area and a complete summer kitchen. The door to the left leads into the main room with sitting area and two single beds. On the right is a fireplace, a single bed and the kitchen.

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