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Diesel - Molvena, Italy - 05/07/05

Kind attention of Mr Jimmy Sofiou
Interdynamic SA DMC/PCO

Dear Jimmy,

I am writing on behalf of Diesel Spa to thank you for the great support and the extreme level of professionalism you and your team showed to all of us during our convention in Thessaloniki on June 2005.

The event has been fantastic and you all have contributed to this success with your constant and daily support and your flexibility.

I would like you to share this with all people that have been working with you during that week and I am sure we will keep in touch for the future.

I wish all the best,
Michela Dalla Corte
Presence Marketing Dept.
Diesel Spa
Via dell'Industria 7
36060 Molvena (VI)

Russia - Moscow - 30/06/05

Dear Mr. Jimmy Sofios,

Travel Company “Continent tour” expresses the respect to You and wishes the successes in all Your enterprises.

We would like to thank You for Your luxury brochure Collection, which was sent us recently. Our Company hopes that it will be a perfect opportunity to show our clients about excellent services in Greece.

Hope for a fruitful and profitable cooperation.

General Director
Mrs. Violetta Berdieva

Luxury Brochure - Kuwait - 14/06/05

Mr. Jimmy Sofios

Managing Director
The Finest Hotels of the World & Interdynamic S.A.
We acknowledge receipt of the impressive & very informative Luxury Brochure
for "The Finest Hotels of the World – The Best of Greece"

Thanking you.

Best regards,
Dhari Al-Aiban
Exhibitions Manager
Kuwait International Fair Co.

Dear Mrs. Annemie Bovens - 12/04/05

Firstly, I wish to thank you for sending to us your beautiful book "Fine
Hotels of the World". It is with no doubt a wonderful publication with
extrodinary photos. Looking through it, I was tempted by all the properties
and I'm sure your clients must feel the same. Bravo!

We are also featured in one of your brochures, but we have not received a
copy. Could you please forward this to me. I am sure that I will be as
impressed with the brochure we are featured in considering your wonderful
quality of brochures.

I look forward to receiving it soon.

Kindest regards,

Royal Parc Evian

Caroline BURGER
International Sales Manager

Dear Mrs. Annemie Bovens - 04/04/05

Thank you for sending the best hotels in greece book.
it is really great.

good luck ...

best wishes ,

evren yenal.
Istanbul , Turkey.

Kind regards - 07/02/05

May I take thgis opportunity of saying how impressed
we have been by the quality of your web-site and the
service we have received from you.

Kind regards

Mrs P Breeze
The Little House
Little Baddow

Dear Mrs Eleni Sofiou - 05/02/05

I thank you very much for your very kind gesture and I look forward to receiving the gift; I am sure it will be very good.

The are several reasons why I make enquiries with yourselves. The most important is that your travel consultants besides being very professional in the way that they carry out their business are very friendly and it feels that I am dealing with them person to person rather than over the internet. I always look forward to your correspondence.

Other reasons are that you are naturally very efficient, your website very user friendly and your products appear to me to be at the right price. As long as my circumstances allow I hope to do business with you for many more years.

I have contacted your VIP Customer Support Department and confirmed my address with your Mrs Annemie Bovens.

One more point if you do not mind me keeping you a little longer: The British/German holiday companies I have dealt with in the past should take a leaf out of your book; they can be very impersonal and sometimes not very helpful.

Kind Regards,

Graham Jones

Dear Mr Sofios - 03/02/05

I would like to thank you for give me the chance to vote for your company.
I find all your jobs to be exclusive and I am really happy that there is a
Greek businessman who always put the quality on the top of anything else.
Your exclusive brochure THE FINEST HOTELS OF THE WORLD-GREECE is fantastic
and deserves one more time to get the top award.

I personally wishing you always success and looking forward to cooperate
with your company in the near future.

Best regards,
Panos Ioannidis
Rhodos Direct Holidays-DMC
Conference & Incentive Specialists

Dear Mrs. Maria Gialitaki! - 28/01/05

We want to thank you for your very kind and efficient cooperation for the services that INTERDYNAMIC Travel Agency provide to our group during our visit to Athens and Crete in January 2005.

During our visit to Greece, every service was on time, every staff of your ageny was so kind and totally professional that all our guests came back to Turkey with good memories from Greece.

It is for sure that we will keep on working with INTERDYNAMIC Travel Agency for the future tours that we will organise.

We are looking forward for a new organisation in order to work with INTERDYNAMIC Travel Agency again, soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Outgoing Department
Taşmanlar Travel Agency

Taj Palace Hotel, Dubai calling! - 20/11/04

Dear Annemie,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the WTM recently. Please let me know incase you require any further assistance at the Taj Palace Hotel, Dubai.

Do let me know when you plan to visit Dubai. It will be my pleasure to meet you. Thank you for the wonderful brochure you had left for me.

Thank you and best wishes,

Sanjeev Tandon
Director Sales & Marketing
Taj Palace Hotel Dubai
P. O. Box 42211, Dubai - UAE

Αγαπητέ κύριε Σοφίου - 13/08/04

Προσφάτως έλαβα το νέο κατάλογό σας “The finest hotels of the world”, ο οποίος αποτελεί το καλύτερο δείγμα ποιοτικού καταλόγου, με επιλεγμένα ξενοδοχεία, που έχει φθάσει ποτέ στα χέρια μου και συμβάλει ενεργά στην προώθηση του Ελληνικού Τουρισμού.

Είναι γεγονός ότι μας έχετε συνηθίσει με πολυτελείς εκδόσεις, αλλά αυτή την φορά νομίζω ότι θέσατε τον πήχη τόσο υψηλά, που θα χρειασθούν χρόνια για να τον ξεπεράσετε. 

Οφείλω να σας συγχαρώ για την συνεχή ποιοτική δουλειά που προσφέρετε στο γραφείο σας, θα είμαστε στο πλευρό σας σε κάθε προσπάθειά σας, σας εύχομαι υγεία και καλές δουλειές ! ! ! 

Με φιλικούς χαιρετισμούς,
Βασίλης Φραγκουλάκης
Γενικός Διευθυντής

Dear Jimmy,Dear Giota - 05/07/04

How have you been doing these days?
You must be very busy preparing for the summer high season to come.
I again thank you for your professional support extended to NEC Electronics in April at Creta & Terra Maris.
Our Sales Congress has been well reputed by Japan's Top Management as well as by European employees.

Without your utmost cooperation, this success was never possible.
Anyway, all of my family is very much looking forward to staying at Heraklion and possibly seeing you very soon.

Expecting your quick reply and best regards
Wataru Oyamada 

Συγχαρητήριο μήνυμα για τον κύριο Σοφίου - 08/06/04

Αγαπητέ κύριε Σοφίου. Τα θερμά μου συγχαρητήρια για την εκλογή σας ως μέλος του συμβουλίου τουρισμού του Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). Είμαι σίγουρος ότι είστε ο πλέον κατάλληλος άνθρωπος για την εκλογή αυτή και ελπίζω ότι θα κάνετε ότι είναι δυνατόν για την σωστή προώθηση της χώρας μας σε όλο τον κόσμο και ιδιαίτερα της Κρήτης που τόσο πολύ το έχει ανάγκη. Τις θερμότερες ευχές μου για εσάς και για όλη την οικογένεια σας. 

Γεώργιος Μαρής. 
Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος της ΗΡΑ Α.Ε.

Dusseldorf - April 2004

Dear Interdynamic, We would like to express our appreciation for your services during our European Sales Congress in April 2004 which took place in Heraklion, Crete. Your organizational skills, commitment and readiness to support us before and during the Business as well as the recreational parts of our Congress, left very nice memories to the participants and the impression of a well co-ordinated event. We thank you once more for your professional skills and warm hospitality.

Yours sincerly
Rob Green

Martin Sirk CEO - ICCA - 03/11/03

Dear Giota, The pleasure is all mine. Without thoughtful contributions such as yours we wouldn't have had such a successful congress. I thought this year's Best Marketing Awards competition was the best yet, so thanks for helping to make it so good!

All the best, Martin.
RAD - Data Communications - 08/10/03

RAD Data Communications and the RAD Group would like to thank you for the successful event we had last month at the Club Hotel Loutraki in Greece. The organization was great and we specially would like to thank the fast response for all the changes in the process of the event. We are looking forward for further cooperation with you and all the great Interdynamic staff. Please extend our appreciation to everyone at Interdynamic which where involved in our event.

Best regards,
Ilana Weissman,
Event Manager RAD Data Communications.

Dear Giota - 24/09/03

Thank you very much for your brochures "The Preferred Greek Conference Centres" which I recieved yesterday and I do appreciate that. It is fantastic brochures.

Will keep in touch always.

Best regards,
Amin Fatah

This message has been sent from Panorama Bali Office
Jl.By Pass Ngurah Rai Suwung No 620
Denpasar 80228 -Bali Indonesia

The Preferred Greek Conference Centres - 05/09/03

Warmest Greetings from MICE INDIA,

New Delhi (INDIA) I have received my copy of "THE PREFERRED GREEK CONFERENCE CENTRES" luxury set of brochure today. I am absolutely impressed with the outstanding quality of production. The feel of the brochure almost instantly makes you love Greece as a Destination and as an ideal MICE location. I shall carry a Press Clip for the brochure in my October, 2003 issue of MICE INDIA. "Job very well done..." to the production team.

Best wishes

Rudi van den Berg - 05/09/03

Dear Ms. Sophiou,

Thank you for your letter of August 2003 with which you sent us the latest edition of your brochure “The Finest Hotels of the World” - “The Preferred Greek Conference Centres”. We would like to congratulate you for this very fine, well designed and printed brochure, giving full and complete information about Hotels with Conference Facilities and Conference Centres in Greece. This will be very useful to us in case we are organizing a conference in your country.

With kind regards,
Rudi van den Berg
General Manager

The Preferred Greek Conference centres Brochure - 05/09/03

Dear Mrs Sofiou,

I am really astonished and very pleased to receive your Brochure . I am in this industry for more than 17 years and I must admit that, this brochure is one of the best I have ever seen . Well done.

Our company Palm Conferences and Incentives are a Local DMC in Cyprus dealing exclusively with handlings for Conference and Incentive groups from U.K and Europe.

I really think that it could be a very good opportunity to arrange if possible a meeting in one of the forthcoming Shows in U.K and exchange some views for cooperating together, for mutual benefits. I will be attending the M.I.T in London from 07th - 09th Oct 03 and I wonder if any of you will be there so we can meet and exchange some views.

Trusting you will let me have your views,

My Personal Regards
Michael Paraskeva
Managing Director

Participation in The Finest Hotels in Greece brochure - 27/08/03

Αγαπητέ κύριε Σοφίο,

Κατ'αρχήν θα θέλαμε να σας ευχαριστήσουμε για την εως τώρα θερμή συνεργασία μας και να σας συγχαρούμε για τις εξαιριτικής ποιότητας εκδόσεις σας όπως ο κατάλογος "The Finest Hotels of the World - The Best of Greece". Σας γνωρίζουμε ότι επιθυμούμε και φέτος να συμπεριληφθεί το συγκρότημα μας porto zante DE LUXE VILLAS στην συλλεκτική έκδοση "The Finest Hotels in Greece". Για τον λόγο αυτό αναμένουμε τα τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά και τις προδιαγραφές του καταλόγου αυτού. Επίσης θα θέλαμε να σας ενημερώσουμε πως το υλικό προβολής του συγκροτήματός μας έχει αλλάξει σε σχέση με πέρυσι (νέες φωτογραφίες + ανανεωμένες περιγραφές) και παρακαλούμε να ανανεωθούν οι ιστοσελίδες που έχετε δημιουργήσει για εμάς αφού λάβετε το νέο υλικό. Ευχαριστούμε για τη συνεργασία.

Με εκτίμηση,
Γιώργος Σωτηράκος
Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος

The Preferred Greek Conference Centres - 23/08/03

Αγαπητέ κύριε Σοφίου,

Παρέλαβα τον εξαιρετικό κατάλογο The Preferred Greek Conference Centres.
Αισθάνομαι επαγγελματική ικανοποίηση κρατώντας στα χέρια μου τον κατάλογο που δημιουργήσατε με τόση προσοχή και επιμέλεια. Η παρουσίαση των MARIS HOTELS είναι εκπληκτική και σας συγχαίρω για όλη την προσπάθεια που κάνετε.

Ευχαριστούμε για τη συνεργασία.
Με εκτίμηση
Νίκος Κοντάκης
Διευθυντής Πωλήσεων & Συμβολαίων
Αλέξανδρος Ν. Αγγελόπουλος - Συγχαρητήρια - 19/08/03

Αγαπητέ κε Σοφίο,

μένω για άλλη μια φορά άφωνος με την ποιότητα της δουλειά σας.
Θα ήταν τουλάχιστον παράλειψη εαν δεν το ανέφερα. Είναι τιμή να συνεργαζόμαστε μαζί σας.

Εις το επανιδείν
Αλέξανδρος Ν. Αγγελόπουλος

Congratulations! - 19/08/03

Dear Colleagues, Congratulations!

We wish you always to be successful and gain more and more awards.

You really deserve everything as you really know how to cooperate! We wish you all the best and we thank you in advance for all your help and cooperation we have until now.

Best Regards
Frantzeska Polikandrioti
Reservations Manager & Dimitris Georgoulis
Front Office Manager Belvedere Hotel, Mykonos

To the kind attention of Mr Jimmy Sofios- Managing Director - 03/08/03

Dear Jimmy,

Tony Williams passed on your contacts to me along with a long story about your charismatic character.

We are of course interested to include Al Maha in " The Finest Hotels of the World" and this short email is to initiate

contact in order to find out more about the way forward .

I look forward to your feedback

Kind regards

Mary Bishara
Sales & Marketing Manager
Al Maha Desert Resort
An Emirates Group Hotel
A member of the Leading Small Hotels of the World

I. Tzerachoglou - Promoting Hotels in Greece - 28/07/03

Dear Mr. Sofios,
we thank you very much for your support and excellent services you offer in the Turist Market.
I would also like to thank you personally for promoting and supporting the Porto Carras Grand Resort.
We would like to inform you that up to now we do not have any Special Package running for 2003, for the Travel Industry.
Also regarding information about new facilities, etc, I have already sent all of our new broshure, cd your office.

With my best regards,
I. Tzerachoglou

Thanks! (again) - 10/06/03

Dear Giota, Jimmy and Kostas,

Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality, professional support and human kindness you all gave us during the past period in Crete. I am convinced that you’ve contributed considerably to the big success of our meetings and the feeling of being welcome and being taken care of many of our participants mentioned.

After going through the hectic situation at Heraklion airport, our trip back to the Netherlands went smoothly. It’s nice to be back home, but after one day I am now already ready to return to Crete!

Please don’t be strangers and let’s keep in touch.

Rik & Christel.

Rik Bes
Koningshof 59
1211 MJ Hilversum
The Netherlands

Regards from Moscow and couple of questions - 21/05/03

Dear Giota,

First of all I would like to thank you very much for your support of our
conference, we all worked very hard and it turned out to be a success. But
your professional support and care is an integral part of our meeting.Thank
you once again!!!

Following our preliminary conversation, if you remember, I was thinking to
take my family to the sea-side first 2 weeks in August. Could you please
advise somthing in Creete? I would need a two-room hotel room or appartment
or bungalo for 2 kids and 2 adults. Some sort of hotel with a swimming
pool, at the seaside (with a beach), it would be nice to have kids club or
smth of the kind. I would sincerely appreciate it if you could advise me on
the pricing level and I internet site where I could check the hotels.

Besides, could you please advise me Doris e-mail address, I have a question
to her.

Regards and look forward to hearing from you,
Maria Zakharova
President's Office
Troika Dialog Group

Gold Award in the Marketing Award category - 19/02/03

Dear Mr. Jimmy Sofios:


I’m delighted to inform you that Interdynamic SA has won the 2003 PATA Gold Award in the Marketing Award category, Industry (Tour Operator/Travel Agent/DMC/PCO), (TM-I) for its “Marketing Greece as A Premier Destination”

and Honorable Mention in the Consumer Travel Brochure (BR) for its Finest Hotels of the World - the Best of the Greek Mainland.

The PATA Gold Awards recognise exceptional achievement in a variety of endeavors, bringing acclaim to the best the region’s travel industry has to offer. The winning projects set industry standards for excellence and innovation.

Your award will be presented on April 14, 2003 during a special luncheon at the 52nd PATA Annual Conference in Bali, Indonesia, and will also be featured in the PATA 2003 Conference Daily. The winning entries will be on display at the Conference for all delegates to enjoy.

Attached please find a registration form for the PATA Annual Conference, should you wish to attend the entire event. If you or a representative wish to attend only the Gold Awards Luncheon to accept your award on stage, please let me know and we will arrange for a complimentary pass for the luncheon.

Once again, congratulations on your outstanding achievement and we look forward to seeing you in Bali.

Best regards,
Paveena Olansuksakul

Dear Ms. Sofios - 09/02/03

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for sending us a selection of your company brochures and cd.

They are certainly well presented and make an impressive collection. If in the future, we are requested to provide luxury accommodation in Greece by some of our more 'influential' clients, we will have no hesitation what-so-ever in recommending your company.

We would be obliged if you would return the compliment and consider our company for any future request you may have concerning clients of yours wishing to visit Egypt.

All of us at Cosmopolitan Travel would like to extend our warm wishes for a truly happy and prosperous 2003.

Best wishes and kind regards,

Aboud and Helen Soliman
Cosmopolitan Travel Corporation

General Manager Greece - 07/02/03

I have lost the most beautiful brochure in the world!
Can you please send me two of your award winning Greek Isles brochures?
I would really appreciate it.

GeneralCologne RE
ATTN: Rob Halsey
Vienna, Austria

Thanks so much. I am saddened that I have lost it. A colleague needs one
as well. For that reason I have asked for two.

Dear Sirs - 17/01/03

Thank you very much for the beautiful brochure "The best of the Greek
Islands" .
Please kindly send me also the others brochures and the CD-ROM of "The
finest hotels @ conference centres in Greece".
Thanking you in advance, best regards.

Giancarlo Rosso

Dear Mr. Sophios - 21/11/02

We have just received the fine collection of brochures on your elegant hotels and resorts in Crete for which I am very thankful.

They really are a treat to look at and more so, will be a treat to offer to our distinguished clientele. I must congratulate you on the high-quality presentation. 

We have already had the pleasure to book the IberoStar Creta Marine for clients who will be attending the OMEGA VORTEX HEALING COURSE to take place in May 2003. This was done through Mrs.Spiropoulou Panagiota who handled this matter very efficiently. We feel her assistance was excellent.

We know of the beauty of Greece so rest assured we shall use all our efforts to sell your country as well as your product.

Thanking you again, we remain

Yours truly,
Olga Partridge

Message for Ms Theodora Sophiou, President Interdynamic S.A. - 05/11/02

Dear Ms Sophiou,

We have received your letter of October 3, 2002 together with your excellent indeed brochures & we thank you for your interest in the Japanese travel market.

Please find attached hereto, files of Japanese Wholesalers, TAs, cooperating with Greece. We have, also,included a list of Japanese Land Operators (land arrangements, only)for your perusal.

Wishing you, all success,

Best regards

Emmy Dede-Nagata
Director EOT Japan

Συγχαρητήρια! - 05/11/02

Αγαπητέ κύριε Σοφίου,

Επιτρέψτε μας να σας στείλουμε θερμά συγχαρητήρια για το πρώτο βραβείο που λάβατε από το διαγωνισμό που διεξήγαγε ο ΗΑΤΤΑ. Τα διαφημιστικά σας έντυπα είναι άξια θαυμασμού και τιμή για την πατρίδα μας.

Με εκτίμηση,
Φιλιώ Λαζανά
HAPCO Mnaging Director

Attn Jimmy Sofios. - 17/10/02

Congratulations on you brochure presentation! Thought they were beautifully
packaged. Would love to know who did the box asit looks so upmarket. The
brochures as well are presented well so great job.
Are you still interested in flights ex UK? We could help although there are
so many different prices we couldn't be specific until the time of enquiry.
Let me know your laterst thoughts and lets see whether we can be of any



Support during the Crete SPIE Conferenc - 28/09/2002

Upon my return to the states I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the support that Interdynamic provided for me during the SPIE conference. I thought I would detail all the things that I felt were great. 1) During the pre visit period, you went out of your way to deal with issues arising from the use of the NASA credit card for pre-payment of hotel through your firm. 2) Your staff at the Heraklion airport were very helpful and handled the fact that I and my wife came it at different times and the taxi transportation really smoothly. 3) Your staff at the hotel were extremely helpful and very friendly with all matters including tours, euro exchanges, taxi, and any other matter deal with the stay in Crete. 4) The taxi drivers that you provided were great. I had a really great time talking with the driver who picked me up. His English was excellent and he was extremely nice. Having less to do with Interdynamic than with the people of Crete. Everyone that I met in Crete was fantastic and friendly. Given the stress of having all the tourists taking over the country, people were unbelievably friendly. I was amazed at how willing people were to help you learn and improve the few words of Greek that we used (by the way thanks for the vacation Greek in your tour brochure). This was a REALLY great visit for my wife and me. Your arrangements and staff were a big part of the reason things were so easy. Crete, its people and your staff representing them certainly made me want to visit Crete again.

Thank your for all your help,
Erich Franz Stocker

Emmy Dede-Nagata

Αγαπητέ κ. Σοφίο, γειά σας από το Τόκυο,

Λάßαµε την εξαιρετικά καλαίσθητη & χρήσιµη πραγµατικά έκδοσή σας "The Preferred Greek Conference Centers" που µας στείλατε, µε το γράµµα σας, της 26ης Αυγούστου & σας ευχαριστούµε πολύ.

Σας ευχαριστούµε για το ενδιαφέρον σας για την ταξειδιωτική αγορά της Ιαπωνίας & σας ευχόµαστε πάντοτε επιτυχίες.

Με εκτίµηση & φιλικούς χαιρετισµούς

Emmy Dede-Nagata
Director GNTO Japan
Ministry of Development
Greek National Tourism Organization
Fukuda Bldg.West 5F, 2-11-3 Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo

Chris Kokken

After my return from Europe I would like to thank you for the fine organisation of our vacation on Crete. I do hope the Pilot Royal Village remains in your future offerings. I am looking forward to work with you for any future vacation planning and I will also keep an eye on your websites for real estate. Again, thank you very much.

Best regards,
Chris Kokken.


Thank you for you quick response. I am very happy with this quote and would like to book the car. I would like to collect the car at 09:00 from the Summer Palace Hotel, Kardemena, reception and drop off the car at 09:00 in the hotel reception. Please could you tell me how to pay for this as I was unable to book it over the internet - can I fax the online ordring form to you? Could you also tell me what the difference is between Collision Damage waiver and Full Damage Waiver? I am also 21 years old - is this OK for this car? I will be using a credit card to book.

Thank you,

Noriko Tsukao

I got your mail and I understand all about it. I appreciate your kindness. We will have a lovely time on this vacation.

Thank you.
Noriko Tsukao.

Marta Conde

Now, I am absolutely happy with the receipt, but I would still appreciate your reply regarding my other question: is the studio, at Coral Beach Resort, on the ground level with direct access to the garden? The reason I ask you this is because you've mentioned there were not many available and I would like to know if we still managed to get one (which would be great, especially for our kids).

Thanks. Regards,
Marta Conde.

Marta Conde

OK, you may reconfirm my order as soon as possible and send me the proceedings for the final reservation. Thank you so much for all your trouble. As usual, I'm very pleased with the service you've provided.

Marta Conde.

Mr Kinnear

Dear Fotini, We had a wonderful time in Athens, and the hotel even put us in the "matrimonial suite", which naturally had a double bed.

Thank you again for your help,
Mr Kinnear.

Dr. Maciej Stepinski

Dear Niki, Once again thank You very much for complete assistance. I am happy that I organized part of my holiday with Your company. Now I feel save and relaxed because I know that I made a good choice. I am sure that in the future when (I hope) I will visit Greece again , I will choose Interdynamic as a holiday organizer. I wish You a very nice day.

With regards from Poland,
Dr. Maciej Stepinski.

Alexey E. RUSSOV

Dear Mrs Doris Sofiou, Thanks a lot for your below response. I want to say that it may well be very practical to stay in some contact with you in the future, because although I live in GERMANY, I am a /Russian/ Orthodox and Russian citizen; I do like CYPRUS and I do love GREECE; and I am very nicely impressed by your fantastic online services. I wish you a very pleasant forthcoming weekend on your beautiful sunny Greek Mediterranean island of Crete.

Thank you,
Alexey E. RUSSOV.

Brian Fox

Dear Irini, Thank you for your e-mail and attachments, everything appears to be in order. Thank you for the efficient manner in which the booking has been conducted.

Kind regards,
Brian Fox.

Chris and Eleni Makedonas

Dear Mrs. Stella Vitsaxaki, Thank you for your reply. I will call my travel agent and get our flight number as well as the arrival time in Santorini and provide you with it by next week. I have said it before, but it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you. You have really made this process very easy and we are looking forward to our stay in Greece.

We wish you all the best,
Chris and Eleni Makedonas.

Doreen O'Connor

Just a few words to let you know how I got on in Elounda Bay. Accommodation was very good. The hotel gave us an upgrade to an Executive Suite and complimentary dinner for two. The room was twice the size of a superior room. Staff were very friendly and helpful and the location was delightful. I was glad I took your advice and selected a leading hotel. Elounda Mare and Porto Elounda were further away from the village. I would like to say thanks for the efficient way you dealt with everything related to my booking. It has encouraged me to continue booking holidays over the Internet. This was the first time I had ever bought anything over the Internet and so I was apprehensive about plans going wrong.

Kind Regards
Doreen O'Connor.

John Kalogiannis

We would both like to thank-you for all your help. The hotels that you recommended and booked for us have truly made our honeymoon a dream come true. Once again thank you for everything. If you ever find yourself in Canada send us an e-mail....

Best regards
John Kalogiannis.

David Harrison

Many thanks for your prompt, excellent service.

Kind regards,
David Harrison.

Mr J Mapes

I would just like to say thank you for the wonderful holiday we just had at the Rhodos Village 15/08/01 to 30/08/01 The whole family had a wonderful time & your staff at the hotel were always willing to help & were always vary polite & friendly. The accommodation was excellent, the maid service was good. the restaurant catered for all tastes, the bar service was excellent as was the animation crew . One day I shall return to the island of Rhodes it was so beautiful & the people were so friendly & we came home very happy indeed. I would certainly recommend this hotel to anybody wanting to holiday in Rhodes.

Thank you on behalf of my family
Mr J Mapes.

Dave Jones

A note to let you know that we had a wonderful holiday on Kythera. Everything was fine, the apartments were excellent. Thank you for making all the arrangements, I will be happy to use your services again and will recommend you to friends.

Best wishes
Dave Jones.

G. Frigerio

I returned yesterday from my holidays in Crete and Karpathos, and I write you to thank for your service. Both accomodations (Elpida Hotel and Socrates Apartments) were perfect and responding very well to the description on your website.

Thank you and best regards.
G. Frigerio.

Ioan Cobzarenco

I would like to thank you for your help. We spent an unforgettable holidays in Crete and we hope to come again.

Best regards,
Ioan Cobzarenco.

William Glasswell

Thank you so much for recommending "The Peninsula" at "Porto Elounda", Crete. The holiday was perfect in every way and the accommodation was luxurious in the extreme. I am in the process of sorting dates out, but will be in touch soon to make another booking at the same resort for next year. Once again many thanks for your help and efficient service.

William Glasswell.

Paulo Castilho
Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for sending the details concerning our trip. Our two weeks in Greece were very pleasant and we are grateful for the service provided by your agency and also for the help and assistance, which you personally were kind enough to extend to my wife and myself. We are now at the beach in the Algarve, Portugal. But we intend to return to Greece soon, maybe next year, including Crete.

Best regards
Paulo Castilho.

Chris Kokken

After my return from Europe I would like to thank you for the fine organisation of our vacation on Crete. I do hope the Pilot Royal Village remains in your future offerings. I am looking forward to work with you for any future vacation planning and I will also keep an eye on your websites for real estate. Again, thank you very much.

Best regards,
Chris Kokken Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia.

Regards, Jason

Thanks for all your help with this. I'll definitely recommend your service to friends and colleagues.


William Glasswell

Thank you so much for recommending "The Peninsula" at "Porto Elounda", Crete. The holiday was perfect in every way and the accommodation was luxurious in the extreme. I am in the process of sorting dates out, but will be in touch soon to make another booking at the same resort for next year. Once again many thanks for your help and efficient service.

William Glasswell.

Nick dallos

We would like to recommend your site to may friends and your fantastic service the best holidays I have is with your company.

Sincerely yours
Nick Dallos.

Jim Stathakis

I am most impressed by your organization's professionalism demonstrated by your follow-up email. This attention to detail and the graciousness of the message are very much appreciated. Unfortunately, our plans have not reached the stage where we can make definitive arrangements and you should, therefore, consider our inquiry to be inactive so as to cause you no further inconvenience.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
Jim Stathakis.

Dr Marion Evans

"The trip was fantastic! All of our reservations went smoothly. I wish to thank you for a vacation we will never forget.

Dr Marion Evans.
Cathal Power
Fantastic service the best holidays I have, is with your company.

INTERDYNAMIC Thanks for your help Sincerely yours
Cathal Power.


This is the best website I have ever seen, the person who did this deserves a medal.

Patricia A. Yeates

I have been looking at Hotels in Greece and I have found more here then any other web site. It is so easy to click and go find.

Thank You.
Patricia A. Yeates.

Blake Irvins

I have the best holidays with your organization in Porto Elounda Mare June 1999 through my honeymoon.

Many tks to all of you and special to (Helen) reservation department Interdynamic..
Blake Irvins.

The Shaw family

Our whole-hearted thanks go to you for all your careful planning, extra care and effort in arranging our trip. Everyone had a great time and all because of your great work!! We really appreciate all you did to make sure everything went well for us. We have all been saying since we got home that we don't think it could have possibly gone any better than it did--- we enjoyed every bit!! If we were scoring the trip like an Olympic event it would receive a 10 out of 10 points! We will be sure to refer you to any of our friends who may be travelling in Greece in the future. Again our sincerest thanks making our trip so wonderful and we truly enjoyed spending even a little time with you. Please keep in touch and especially let us know if you come to the USA.

Warmest regards,
The Shaw family.

Nancy Galdy

Just a note to thank you again for all that you did to make our trip most comfortable and easy. We were delighted with your choices of hotels, all locations were most appropriate for each city/area and all this ease allowed us to concentrate on the wonderful sites that we visited. It was indeed a very special experience. I can assure you that it will not be our one and only visit to your country, so you shall hear from us again. As well you shall most likely hear from friends who will no doubt be envious after hearing our tales of our trip. I reiterate our offer to be helpful regarding any information you might one day desire concerning Firenze. It is a lovely city to visit.

Nancy Galdy.

Graeme Todd

Dear Mrs.Spiropoulou Panagiota, Once again thank you for all your help, we look forward to visiting Crete next week, and would also like to say how helpful your website has been for planning our holiday.

Graeme Todd.


Hi Giota, My wife and I had a wonderful vacation in Greece.

Thanks for your help.

Bill Spikowski

Thank you. Our stay at the Grand Bretagne was wonderful, what an oasis during the heatwave. After seven days on a sailboat, we needed to be pampered a bit! Back in the USA today.

Bill Spikowski.
Francois Debieuvre Israel

Dear Helen, I want to thank you very much for the quality of your service: I was very pleased with the Hyundai Acccent a/c. I will get in touch with you the next time I come again to your marvellous island.

Sincerely yours,
Debieuvre Israel.

Ioan Cobzarenco
I would like to thank you for your help.We spent an unforgettable holydays in Crete and we hope to come again.

Best regards,
Ioan Cobzarenco.

Rohit Kumar

Enjoyed using your site. Excellent graphics and easy to use. No problems about coming back to visit.

Rohit Kuma
Gupta Melbourne.

Ian & Elaine Dickenson

Superb web site. Many thanks to all the splendid people of Crete who make our holidays something very special every time we visit. We keep looking for the right home or business to move to your wonderful country and have no doubt we shall find one eventually on your web site.

See you in September.
Ian & Elaine Dickenson.

Barbro Cavalieratou

Hello, I just love your web site. Crete is the island of my dreams. Dreams to come true! I am planning on buying property in Crete, preferably a smaller hotel or pension or studios. Crete is the place where I want to retire; it's the most beautiful place in the world. I want to get in contact with someone who can give me information on real estate offers in Crete, Real Estate Agents etc.,

Thank you!
Barbro Cavalieratou.

Vass Tamas

I would like to express our lot of thanks for the unforgettable and wonderful holiday to the Greek people, to the organizer of our trip the Interdynamic. Our hope that we will do our holiday next year in your beautiful country and village Tolo.

Best Regards
Vass Tamas.

Ernest Barham

Dear Ms. Sofios: Thank you again for your most timely and efficient handling of my travel plans. Your company seems most efficient and organized. It has been a pleasure and I will recommend your company to my friends.

Best regards.
Ernest Barham.

Larry & Mireille

Just a note to let you know that we are back home safely. Our vacation in Greece was probably the best vacation we have taken, and we feel that we owe much of that to your guidance and arrangements. Thank you. The Ferry to Santorini was a pleasant experience, especially since we took your advice and used the first class restaurant - oddly enough the prices there were lower than other restaurants we'd been to in Greece, and the food and service was excellent. However, that said, }I think you were wise to have us fly for the other two legs of the trip. The manager at Heliotopus stayed up to greet us on our arrival, which was particularly nice given she normally leaves at 7 pm, and we only arrived at 1 am. The "traditional house" was very picturesque, while the view from the balcony out on the caldera was spectacular. The land tour that you arranged from Athens was excellent - the guide was extremely helpful, informative, and friendly, the hotels (while not at quite the same level as Crete) were quite good, and service was always excellent. The decision to squeeze in Meteora, was definitely a wise one - like Santorini, that is one site in the world that is not to be missed!! While you were concerned about the hotel in Athens, it turned out to be quite good. It may not be in the Plaka, but its directly on the Metro line, so it only takes a few minutes to get there. They made arrangements for us to eat at a restaurant there that had a great view of the Acropolis - so we got all the benefits of being in the Plaka, without paying the extra cost. The hotel had just been completely refurbished, and the accommodation was excellent, as was the service. Thanks again for the extra effort that you put into making our vacation a success.

Larry & Mireille.
Foundation European Carnival Cities

Dear Ms.Spriopoulou,

With great pleasure I confirm the receipt of your fantastic 5th edition of the hotelguide 2003/2004 concerning the hotel/conference facilities you can offer in Greece.
Our organisation has been several times in Greece. Organizing an annual FECC Convention depends of our members in Greece. Main FECC members in Greece are Patras, Kastoria, Drama etc.
The procedure is that the nominations have to be signed by the mayor and send to the FECC Headquarter. The decision for an annual convention will be taken always 3 years in advance.

For more informations I can advice you to consult our website : and

I look forward in hearing from you in the near future,
Yours Sincerely,
Henry Ferdinand VAN DER KROON

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