:: Job Opportunities ::
  1. Office Staff [Code :Dubai-1040]
  2. Supervisor for the Conference Organization Department [Code :Dubai-1041]
  3. Web Designers [Code :Dubai-1042]
  4. Web Developers [Code :Dubai-1043]
  5. Sales Department position 1 [Code :Dubai-1044]
  6. Sales Department position 2 [Code :Dubai-1045]
  7. Work Experience Programme [Code :Dubai-1046]
  8. General Tourism Office Supervisor [Code :Dubai-1047]
  9. Public Relations Department [Code :Dubai-1048]
  10. Public Relations Hostess/Assistants [Code :Dubai-1049]
  11. Secretary [Code :Dubai-1050]

All the candidates for the positions must speak Arabic and have a United Arabic Emirates Residence

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