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INTERDYNAMIC S.A. Destination Management Company (DMC) & Professional Conference Organizer (PCO), is one of the leading Tourism Organizations worlwide.

Our experienced executives with more than 35 years of continuous presence in the Tourism field, have launched over the last years numerous novelties in new communication technologies, such as the one in Internet on the World Wide Web. Our highly trained team with coordinate efforts and professionalism has propelled INTERDYNAMIC S.A. to the top of the tourism market. Several international awards and accolades are the living proof of our renowned position worldwide.

The Interdynamic Organization has over 18,500 hotels in Greece and Worldwide in one centralized database along with other top quality travel services such as: Organized Tours, Luxury Cruises, Lear Jet & Limousine transport, Car Rental, etc.These services are of great impotrance to the company since our clientele consists of distinguished, demanding guests which represent the elit in their areas of expertise.

INTERDYNAMIC S.A. specializes also in Business Travel for Conferences, Meetings & Incentives for major companies worldwide.

Our subsidiary of Alpha Web (@web), covers all the our widely extended needs concerning the web development of our database.In addition to that Alpha Web (@web), has the ability to create websites and databases to satisfy the requirements of every important external client.

If you want to be a part of an award winning team, visit the specific site to view the opportunities available.

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