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Grecotel Hotels Grecotel Olympia Oasis Hotel Kyllini Peloponesse Luxury Accommodation in Greece Grecotel Hotels Grecotel Olympia Oasis Hotel Kyllini Peloponesse Luxury Accommodation in Greece
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Escape the ordinary

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the unique complex Grecotel Olympia Riviera and the hotel Grecotel Olympia Oasis in beautiful Kyllini, West Peloponnese.

Ideal starting point for discovering Classical Greece

The Peloponnese is situated in the south-west part of Greece, it is surrounded in the east by the Aegean Sea and in the west by the Ionian Sea.

The Peloponnese constantly impresses all who see it by the variety of its landscape and the richness of its history and culture. The world famous ruins of Epidaurus, Corinth, Mycaene and Olympia are attractions for all visitors to Greece. Contrasting with this, you can also find examples of unusual landscape there, such as miles of sandy beach and wonderful bays. Thus a holiday on the Peloponnese has something for everybody.

Kyllini lies on the west coast of the Peloponnese. It is just 45 minutes from the airport of Araxos and 100 km from the seaport of Patras. Kyllini has long been known for its thermal spa, traditional farming life, superb beaches and easy access to endless historic sites.

Ilia is situated in the western part of the Peloponnese and is famous for its important archaeological findings. In addition, scattered mountain villages each one splendid with unique legends and traditions, are to be found everywhere. With its endless fields and fertile soil, it seems the land has been blessed by some ancient spirit. Every piece of land has been cultivated with vineyards, olive groves and orange trees. And when it comes to the sea…its coastlines boast kilometres of fine white sand blend with clear, azure waters.


Distance to:NameKm or meters
AirportAraxos Airport60 km
PortThe Port of Kyllini10 km
City or VillageArkoudi2 km
City or VillageKastro6 km
City or VillagePatra City80 km
City or VillageAthens Capital City295 km
Archaeological SiteAncient Olympia66 km