Iraklion - Rethymnon - Chania (150 kms) ChaniaTown

Because of the distance involved. it is highly re commended to take at least two days thus permitting a number ot interesting excursions in the western half of Crete. But even a one - day excursion allows a short stay in Rethymnon and a lunch and swim at Chania.
Driving on the main road between Rethymnon and Chania is pleasant and comfortable. Three kilometers before reaching Georgioupolis, a small road to the left will take you to the tiny lake of Kournas, ringed by high hills and usually the home of thousands of wild birds. However, swimming in the lake isn't considered safe.
On drawing closer to Chania, the road will take you by the shores of the Bay of Souda, Crete's largest natural harbour. Along the way you' II have a fine view over the small islands, studded with old Venetian fortifications, with the lovely cape ot Akrotiri in the back ground to the North. Just thirteen kilometers before Chania, a road branching to the left leads to the ruins of the old Greek town of Aptera, well worth a
quick visit.
ChurchChania itself is undoubtedly one of the most charming towns in Greece. Wide streets and flower gardens characterize its modern residential areas, but it's the old town that will arouse the greatest interest. Although damaged during the last war, it remains a living showcase of the past, with its Venetian citadel, the descriptive old houses in medieval streets, quite a number of Venetian churches, Turkish mosques, minarets and fountains. In the attractive old port area, you can sumptuously dine on sea food and typical Cretan dishes. Comfortable hotels and good restaurants are readily found throughout the town and its suburbs. Another point of interest as the stately old church of Saint Francis. the home of the Archaeological Museum.