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Six Senses Spa Elounda Crete
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Six Senses Spa - Spa Facilities in Elounda - Crete

Welcome to Six Senses Spa

The Six Senses Spas Pyramid represents the foundation and creation of the Spa experience at Six Senses Spa. The foundation of the experience is formed by three primary senses: sight, sound and touch. The second steage builts upon this experience by appealing to the more acute senses of taste and smell. The apex symbolises the unique sensory experience of a Six Senses Spa. This pyramid is a testimonial. It visually represents that the spa experience may only be achieved once all five senses have been nurtured.

We have a multi cultural team who will strive towards making your visit to our Six Senses Spa a unique sensory experience. We offer you a selection of options, with an aim to address your specific needs. We feel that the Spa experience is an integral part of the total relaxation and sense of peace that the island has to offer. It will therefore be a privilege to share this beautiful space with you, as we aim to make this a truly memorable occasion.

Please look through our menu at your leisure. Should you require any assistance with the choice of suitable treatments, we will be happy to assist.

We look forward to meeting you.

Our Mission is Balancing the Senses

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