The site Organized Tours in Greece has been created under the greatest care of “Luxury Experience LTD”. Our goal is to achieve providing a wide range of information concerning all aspects a visitor requires as well as to offer the highest level of top services to our distinguished clients.

“Luxury Experience LTD” offers Destination Management for all types of Conferences, Incentives, Meetings and Special Events. We offer a spectrum of venues throughout Greece with all the auxiliary services such as: Luxury Villas, Apartments & Suites, Hotel Accommodation, Luxury Car Hire, Cruises, Yachts, Planes/Jets, Helicopters, Limousines, Excursions, to any places of interest, Entertainment and Transportation.

With the successful hosting of the Olympic Games in 2004, the entire world witnessed the potentials of the greek professionals. We were ready to meet that challenge, and now we are prepared for much more.



Αγαπητέ κύριε Σοφίε,

Σας ευχαριστώ θερμά για την αποστολή σε μένα της έχδοσης με τα «Finest Hotels of the World». Αισθάνομαι πολύ ευτυχής που έλαβα αυτό το εξαιρετικά επιμελημένο βιβλίο για το οποίο σας εκφράζω ολόψυχα τα συγχαρητήρια μου.

Με εκτίμηση
Λύντια Μαστρονικολή
Γεν. Διευθύντρια ΣΕΠΟΣ

  • 20/09/2004
2Dear Maria,

I,m sorry to have to let you know that i have to cancell our potential reservations.......--You have been extremly professional and courteos in your communications with me,and i thank you.---Best Regards and much success to you and yours......Heath Matthews
  • 02/04/2004
3Message for Ms Theodora Sophiou, President Interdynamic S.A.

Dear Ms Sophiou,

We have received your letter of October 3, 2002 together with your excellent indeed brochures & we thank you for your interest in the Japanese travel market.

Please find attached hereto, files of Japanese Wholesalers, TAs, cooperating with Greece. We have, also,included a list of Japanese Land Operators (land arrangements, only)for your perusal.

Wishing you, all success,

Best regards

Emmy Dede-Nagata
Director EOT Japan

  • 05/11/2002

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