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The tsitouras Collection Hotel  Santorini Hotels Fira Firostefani Greece

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The Tsitouras Collection Hotel Luxury Accommodation

The Houses have a capacity of between two and five persons each, and are named after the unique collection in each one:

  • The TC Villa
  • The House of the Sea
  • The House of the Winds
  • The House of Portraits
  • The House of Porcelain
  • The House of Nureyev

The Houses:

The House of Nureyev: This is the house preferred by honeymooners, perched as it is above the others in a dancer´s pirouette. The name is derived from the collection of sketches depicting the late, great Rudolf Nureyev in his various appearances in Athens. This house is the only one to have its own veranda overlooking the caldera, which is also visible from the bathroom, through the arched doorway of the house. Among the other features of the bathroom are the rare Isnik ceramic tiles. The decorative objects and furniture here illuminate aesthetic and conceptual aspects of Greek history: an ancient amphora, a Byzantine icon, an engraving. Two Venetian candelabra, an antique engraved island sofa. The dining room table is a noteworthy piece: the basis a 19th century marble column; the top is a transparent surface of beveled plate glass above which rises the remaining marble column to round its form. Luxury, elegance, and exceptional quality: all are interwoven harmonically to make an ideal holiday retreat offering comfort, peace and aesthetic appreciation. Inside are rare collections and works of art; outside is the magical landscape of Santorini.

The House of the Sea: The House of the Sea is one of the five unique accommodations at The Tsitouras Collection. It has a characteristic atmosphere of romance, with hints of distant destinations and evidence of the lure of the sea. Memories of the sea spring up directly and indirectly from among the furniture and objects. Each one of the hand-painted wooden chest covers that once belonged to Mytilenian seamen has a story to tell. Fabulously framed English, Italian and German nautical maps, ranging in date from both the 16th to the 19th century adorn the interior. The Greco-Roman bathroom has been lined with pristine white marble, accented with black detail. There is a collection of 19th century charcoal sketches of male nudes by an anonymous Greek artist, an 18th century Russian icon depicting the stern figure of St Nicholas, patron saint of the sea, and there is one of the great Picasso rare ceramic pieces bearing three incised relief fish, which even the most demanding of visitors would not expect to find in a hotel.

The House of Porcelain: A collection of valuable white and blue 19th century Minton and Royal Copenhagen porcelain plates worked and painted by hand is the characteristic feature of this house; they are displayed in an authentic china cabinet from the same era. The warm lemon colour of the walls makes the atmosphere particularly hospitable and shows off the furniture, decorations and works of art to the best possible advantage. Among these are: elaborate Venetian mirrors, an 18th century icon in an old marble frame, a French engraving from the last century, a traditional gate-leg dining room table; an authentic Corfiot commode, a typical card-table and wonderful 18th century ecclesiastical table in the entrance hall. On the wall behind the Napoleon bed is a magnificent piece of silk embroidered with gold thread; flanking the bed on both sides are specially designed. Through the arched windows in the dining room one can see the breath-taking landscape, the meeting of sea and sky in a vast blue world with the volcano somewhere in between. A refreshing island breeze brings one back down to earth, but the sense of greatness remains..

The House of Winds: A collection of engravings contained in the travel book by James Stuart and Nicholas Revett.The Antiquities of Athens London (1762-1816) depicting the ancient Tower of the Winds has given its name to this lovely house. Its rooms have high, vaulted ceilings, an airy light blue on the walls, and timeless elegance in the authentic Santorinian period furniture: beauty, harmony, consistency of decor. Hanging from the ceiling of the living room is a silver Venetian oil lamp adorned with cherubim. Also from Venice are the carved wooden lamps on tall stands that flank the main entrance. A Corfiot commode is surrounded by Biedermeier chairs, while drums from ancient marble columns rest comfortably next to modern furniture, functioning as side tables. In the bedroom, where comfort is paramount, decor is provided by ceramic Tanagran dolls; three rare photographs of the Tower of the Winds can be found in the dressing room. In this environment, a piano is certainly not an accidental detail: it provides yet another means of expression, enabling the imagination to take wing.

The House of Portraits: This is the core of the initial 18th century structure around which the five luxury houses of The Tsitouras Collection have been built. The name derives from the collection of beautifully framed portraits gracing its walls, alongside oil paintings and engravings of philhellenic subjects. The specially designed furniture, although modern, blends in beautifully with the various Tsitouras Collection pieces. These include: two large tables consisting of wood and bronze bases and heavy polygonal marble tops; a 19th century wooden baptismal font which has become a marvelous coffee table; an old console, and two superb chests from Mytilene. The decorative objects have been selected with great care and superb taste: two elaborate 19th century candelabra, antique mirrors in gilt frames, Russian icons, ancient oil lamps, carved wooden cherubs and other gilt pieces from an icon screen, bust of Sappho by an Italian sculptor. The House of Portraits is characterized by a mysterious, dream-like quality with haunting echoes of past lovers.

The Tsitouras Collection Villa: Small luxury villa on the edge of the cliff, right next to the old Tsitouras´ country house. When you walk in, you're so dazzled by the beauty that you're unsure whether the vision before you has just risen foam-flecked from the sea or wafted in on the air. In fact, the building stands firmly on the black Theran land, flirting with the salt air and caressing the sky. Sulphur, salt, water... Elements with the power of alchemy join in the exciting game of transmutation that its owner knows so well... Inside, the villa consists of a sitting room, a fully equipped kitchen and three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, all carefully laid out to activate the feeling of comfort. Outside is the blue of the pool that appears to merge seamlessly, symbolically into the open sea. The decorative style is well known. Spare, elegant, luxury. Works of art from Dimitris Tsitouras´ favourite periods - ancient Hellenic, Byzantine and modern Greek - adorn the most unlikely corners, creating surprises everywhere. Furniture, objects, icons, paintings and sculptures, all provide visual stimuli and aesthetic associations, against a mythic, incredibly beautiful backdrop. Plato´s lines in the Sophist are absolutely fitting: ...We´ll tell how, on one side he creates a real house by building it, and on the other side, a second by painting it, like a beautiful day-dream.

House Facilities:

  • Mini library
  • Satellite TV
  • DVD player
  • Direct dial phone
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Swimming pool (TC Villa)
  • Wet bar (which is complimentary)
  • A CD player (with a special CD selection by the owner)
  • All bathrooms are in Greek white marble and are fully equipped with hairdryer, bathrobes, slippers