Welcome to our senior citizens program. This program has been designed with special care for persons over 50 years old. We are in position to offer you a specialized holiday to meet with any specific cultural or medical requirement.

We can organize special guided tours to archaeological places and museums around Greece and especially Crete. Maybe you have some specific places you want to visit or maybe you just want to trust us. Whichever the case, you can rest assured that we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

If you wish to combine your vacation with some specialized treatment, examination or operation you have found the right place. We are devoted in promoting medical tourism in Greece.

If you enjoy walking we can plan a hiking expedition for you. After all there is nothing healthier than exercise at its simplest form, it should be just a walk in the park. We can plan tours for beginners but also for experienced walkers. We can even plan a cycling tour if you so wish. For more information and details please contact us.

If on the other hand you have something less exciting and more relaxing in mind, you can search for accommodation in some of the best luxurious hotels in Greece, Cyprus or Turkey. For example you can try the Porto Elounda Hotel in Elounda region of Crete, with its excellent Golf Court. We can even fully plan your transportation to and from the hotel if you would like us to do so.
Alternatively you can try out one of our Organized Tours in Greece, or perhaps go on a cruise, maybe even rent a private yacht. The possibilities are endless.
If you would like to learn more about Greece you can visit our Information Pages.

Don't hesitate to contact us ,if you need further information.

We are waiting for you...