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Home away from Home

The long-standing tradition of friendly service and genuine warmth and hospitality will make your island getaway a second home to which you will wish to return again and again.

Choose from the stylish beachfront resorts and enjoy panoramic views of the sea shimmering endlessly in shades of turquoise and green.

The hotels, far from the bustle of everyday life, are oases of tranquility and healthy living.

Πολιτικη Άφιξης / Αναχωρησης

Άφιξη: από 12:00 ώρες
Αναχώρηση: έως 10:00 ώρες


Ιατρική Φροντίδα Αγορές/Καταστήματα Κέντρο Ομορφιάς & Υγείας Διασκέδαση/Ψυχαγωγία Φύλαξη Παιδιών Χώρος Στάθμευσης Bar Καφετέρια/ Snack Bar Πρόσβαση στο Διαδύκτιο Τζακούζι Μασάζ Παραλία σε Kοντινή Aπόσταση Κήπος Βόλεϊμπόλ Play Area Εστιατόριο Πισίνα Τοξοβολία Σάουνα Γήπεδο Τέννις Θαλάσσια Αθλήματα Δραστηριότητες για Παιδιά

Εστιατορια & Μπαρ

Wining & dining

As part of the all-inclusive concept you are offered a selection of three fine restaurants with a variety of menus.

Eat your fill at a buffet in the main restaurant, dine at Zorbas, the a la carte taverna serving specialties from all over Greece, or taste the Italian cuisine at the "Mamma Mia" restaurant.

Enjoy light refreshments and drinks throughout the day or as you relax by the beach and the pool.

The cocktail bar, pool bar and music lounge stay open till after midnight so you can enjoy your favourite drinks at your leisure.

Παροχες Δωματιων

Μπάνιο με ντούζ ή μπανιέρα Στεγνωτήρας Μαλλιών Δορυφορική Τηλεόραση Χρηματοκιβώτιο Κλιματισμός Ψυγείο Telephone


Sunshine Corfu Hotel & Spa

Sunshine Corfu Hotel & Spa in popular Nissaki, 25km from the "Old City", nestles among olive and pine trees, in perfect harmony with nature.

Built amphitheatrically on a hill, it encloses its own private pebble beach, an idyllic romantic getaway.

Corfu - The Island

Corfu (Kerkyra in Greek) lies at the north Ionian Sea, at the entrance of the Adriatic Sea.

The island civilisation has developed with significant European influences which can be traced all over the island.

Its natural beauty and musical tradition along with palaces, museums and public buildings of impressive architecture leave speechless even the most demanding visitor.


Βαθμολογία Ξενοδοχείου

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