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For over a century, the name Hotel Nikopolis have been synonymous with exclusiveness and luxury. Hotel Nikopolis Thessaloniki is the latest 5*deluxe hotel in Greece.

With its unique design and state of art facilities, the hotel offers the highest level of services to the business traveler as well as for the leisure visitor.
Thessaloniki is the second capital in Greece, the gate to the north with a long history and tradition. Strategically located, with one of the busiest ports in Greece, is a modern and constantly developing city attracting visitors both from Greece and abroad.
At the same time, Thessaloniki, is a very beautiful city, full of historical monuments, and the starting point for excursions to Vergina, Pella and Chalkidiki, one of the most beautiful resorts in Greece.

With its unique design and state of art facilities the hotel offers to the business travelers and the leisure visitors as well the highest level of services.
This visually stunning property consists of a cluster of low - rise buildings extending over 20,000 m² of exquisitely landscaped gardens with palm trees and one of the largest swimming pools in Greece, 1700 m².

The Hotel Nikopolis Thessaloniki is representing the new millenium architectural style. Combining high technology with exquisite luxury, the latest property redefines corporate business hospitality. From the moment of arrival in Thessaloniki guests experience an individual level of service.

Thessaloniki constitutes a metropolis of Northern Greece. It is the capital of Macedonia, one of the most historical cities of Europe and the second city in population. It is considered a crossroad of culture and civilization. The commercial activity of the city in combination with its history, sights and rich spectacles contribute to its exceptional reputation.

Thessaloniki, a modern megalopolis, has is populated by more than one million people. The prefecture of Thessaloniki is the most important administrative part of Central Macedonia.

Thessaloniki was first inhabited in prehistoric years, traces of which can be found by the Prefecture borders. It was founded in 315 B.C. by Kassandros, King of Macedonia, who married the sister of Alexander the Great, Thessaloniki. At the same time, in 148 B.C., Thessaloniki was the capital of the Roman Province of Macedonia.

From 1.300 A.D. it lived through a Golden Century under a peculiar autonomy and self-government that demonstrated its strong economy, the wide artistic and intellectual life, the splendid monuments, the exceptionally decorated churches and the copper, iron and paper factories.

After the 16th century, the city changed into a cosmopolitan centre.

Sights and Monuments
A tour of Thessaloniki is enough to reveal the abundance of monuments from different historical periods. The most important is the White Tower, which is the city’s symbol. Other monuments are below:
  • White Tower
  • Archeological Museum
  • Byzantine Museum
  • Ancient Market (Agora)
  • Arc of Galerius
  • Byzantine Fortress
  • St. Demetrius Church
  • Agia Sophia Church
  • The Old City
  • Aristotelous Square
  • Rotonda
  • Ladadika
  • Modiano Market
  • Archeological Area of Vergina
  • Archeological Area of Pella
  • Monasteries of Agio Oros

The Hotel Nikopolis is located 8 km. From the city centre, 20 minutes by car, 3 km from ‘Macedonia’ Airport and 45 minutes by car from the best beaches of Chalkidiki.

With your arrival at the airport or the railway station, you can use taxi or bus for your transport to our hotel. There is also the possibility of transport from the airport to the hotel with the hotel shuttle upon request. Moreover, car rental services with a driver are available upon request. Distances:

Distance to:NameKm or meters
AirportMacedonia3 km
PortThessaloniki10 km
City or VillageThessaloniki Co-Capital City8 km
TransportationTrain Station15 km
TransportationBus Stop/Station500 m
TransportationTaxi Station500 m