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Genuine, Luxurious, Friendly… Welcoming! The grande dame of Iraklio, in the embrace of a land so mythical yet so real, can surely be proud of the impeccably high standard of services offered in its uninterrupted 33 years of operation.

Gracious professionalism, upgraded aesthetics, a plethora of services and amenities and details that are characteristic of personalized care, are interwoven and linked effortlessly, their sole aim being the provision of a restful, hassle-free stay.

Fully renovated in 2008, the Galaxy Hotel showcases its distinctiveness in its every facet. Its landscape architecture is deferential of and follows that of the land, while its interior design impresses even the most cosmopolitan of visitors, highlighting the hotels unmistakable insistence on quality and dedication to the magical combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Galaxy Hotel Pool
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