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Prefecture Of kilkis
Area (sq.km): 2.519
Population (2001): 89.611
Population Density(hab/sq.km): 36
Capital City: Kilkis
Number of Hotels: 12
Number of hotel Rooms: 365

State Tourism Offices
Name: Tourism Information Office Of Doirani
Location: Doirani
Address: Doirani - 61003 Mouries
Telephone: 23410 97097
Fax: 23410 97097

Name: Tourism Information Office Of Evzoni
Location: Evzoni
Address: Evzoni - 61001 Evzoni
Telephone: 23430 51223
Fax: 23430 51223
Name: Ai Giorgis
Location: Kilkis
Description: The Two-Stored Cave on the hill of Ai-Giorgis was discovered accidentally by alumberman. It covers an area of more than 1000 m2 and boasts an impressive decoration of stalactites and stalagmites.

Name: Doiranis
Location: Kilkis
Description: Lake Doirani
Area (Km2): 15,350

Name: Axios
Location: Kilkis
Length: 76km
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