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The prefecture of Attica is situated at the southernmost point of central Greece. Its population is about 4 millions. Attica is well-known because of Athens, the capital of Greece. The great history of Greece is connected with Athens, where the notion of democracy was invented.

Athens is also the place where spectacular events took place. The recent organization of 2004 Olympics Games and the victory of European Football Cup by the national team attracted many people that came to explore this cosmopolitan city and experience various adventures.

Attica offers numerous luxurious hotels, splendid villas or apartments or even economy places that can indulge everybody’s taste. Most of them are located on beautiful beaches as those of Sounio, Glyfada, Nea Makri etc. but also on the town of Athens where all events as theatre performances, concerts etc. take place.

The sights of Attica are really a great experience to live as you can visit the archaeological sites of Acropolis and many other museums.
But for those who will visit Attica for business, they can expect even more.
There are great conference centers, which will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Business and pleasure are easily combined in places like Attica and Athens!
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Prefecture Of Attiki
Area (sq.km): 3.808
Population (2001): 3.756.607
Population Density(hab/sq.km): 987
Capital City: Athina
Number of Hotels: 734
Number of hotel Rooms: 63.297

State Tourism Offices
Name: Tourism Head Office
Location: Athens (Athina)
Address: Amerikis Street 2 - 10564 Athens
Telephone: 210 3271300-2, 210 3272000
Name: Tourism Information Office
Location: Athens (Athina)
Address: Amerikis Street 2 - 10564 Athens
Telephone: 210 3310565, 010 3310692
E-mail: eotda01@mail.otenet.gr

Name: Tourism Information Office At "Eleftherios Venizelos" Airport (Arrivals Hall)
Location: Spata
Telephone: 210 3530445-8

Camping Sites
Athens, Peristeri Attiki, Tel: 210 5814114
Bacchus, Sounio Attiki, Tel: 22920 39572
Dionissiotis, Nea Kifissia Attiki, Tel: 210 8001496
Glaros Holidays Club, Agii Theodori Attiki, Tel: 22960 62005
Kineta Coast, Agii Theodori Attiki, Tel: 22960 62570
Kirangelo, Galatas Attiki, Tel: 22980 23505
Kokkino Limanaki, Rafina Attiki, Tel: 22940 31603/4
Marathon, Marathonas Attiki, Tel: 22940 55577
Nea Kifissia, Adames Attiki, Tel: 210 8075579
Nea Makri, Nea Makri Attiki, Tel: 22940 92719

Name: The Tsakonas Canyon
Location: Mitata
Description: The Tsakonas Gorge, containing several rock-hewn churches.

Name: Mpekiri
Location: Spetses
Island: Spetses
Description: Bekiris Cave. Located in Agii Anargyri, at the back of the island, this cave was used as a hide-out by the fighters of the Greek War of Independence (1821).

Name: Agia Sofia
Location: Milopotamos
Description: Agia Sofia Cave. It features displays of stalactites and stalagmites.

Name: Listarxou Ntaveli
Location: Pendeli
Description: The Cave Of Listarchos Devalis. Access to it entails 1-hour walk from Agia Triada.

Name: Koutoukis
Location: Peania
Description: Koutoukis Cave. A captivating site, hidden on a slope of Mount Ymittos (asphalted road, parking area).

Name: Evripidi
Location: Moulki
Description: The Cave Of Euripides, located in Peristeria. This historic cave, explored since 1994 by archaeologist Giannos Lolos, consists of 10 chambers in total. Its use covers a time span of eight different periods, extending from the Neolithic Period to modern times. Its exploration brought to light many findings such as, stone tools, a Mycenaean sword, coins, jewels, vases dating to the Classical period, the Hellenistic and Roman times, as well as to the Frankish rule. The coastal location of the cave and its morphology, as well as the latest discovery of a skyphos (type of cup) bearing the name of Euripides, ascertain the fact that the great tragedian used to retire here to write his works.

Rivers Name: Assopos
Location: Attiki
Length: 80km

Diving Centers
Name: international Diving School
Location: Athens (Athina)
Address: 5, Hatzihristou Makrigianni
Telephone: 210 9229532
Diving Area: Vouliagmeni Bay
Diving Centre: 1
Diving School: 1

Name: Sotiriou Diving Centre
Location: Athens (Athina)
Address: 33, Taxilou Ilissia
Telephone: 210 7705470
Diving Area: Vouliagmeni Bay
Diving Centre: 1
Diving School: 1

Name: Vithos
Location: Athens (Athina)
Address: 50, El. Venizelou Nea Smirni
Telephone: 210 9333260
Diving Area: 26th Klm Coast Road Athens Sounio
Diving Centre: 1
Diving School: 1

Golf Courses
Name: Glyfada Golf Club
Location: Glifada
Address: Glyfada 11610, Athens
Telephone: 210 8946820
Fax: 28940 3721
Open: 12 months
Year: 1962
Holes: 18
Club House: Yes
Area: 65 hectares

Mountaineering Clubs
Name: Acharnes Alpine Club
Location: Aharnes
Address: 126, Filadelfias Street, 136 71 Acharnes
Telephone: 210 2461528, 210 2404100

Name: Athenian Alpine Club
Location: Athens (Athina)
Address: 3, Plateia Ag. Theodoron, 105 61 Athens
Telephone: 210 3238775, 210 3238708

Name: Athens Hiking Club
Location: Athens (Athina)
Address: 45, Zaimi Street, 106 82 Athens
Telephone: 210 8218401

Name: Athens Climbers Association
Location: Athens (Athina)
Address: 41, Kallidromiou Street, 106 81 Athens
Telephone: 210 3834817

Name: Elefsina Alpine Club
Location: Elefsina
Address: 27, Eleftheriou Venizelou Street, 192 00 Elefsina
Telephone: 210 5545430, 210 5546572

Name: Piraeus Climbers & Skiers Association
Location: Pireas
Address: 1, Pl. Loudovikou, 185 31 Piraeus
Telephone: 210 4118400

Ski Clubs
Name: Ski Club of the Youth
Location: Athens (Athina)
Address: 21, Parmenidou Street, 116 36 Pagrati
Telephone: 210 7261723

Name: Athens Alpine Club
Location: Athens (Athina)
Address: 64, Ermou Street, P.O. Box 30022 Athens
Telephone: 210 3212355, 210 3212429

Mountain Refuges
Name: Flambouri
Mountain: Parnitha (Parnis)
Office: Aharnes Alpine Club
Address: Filadelfias 126136 71 Aharnes
Place: Flambouri (1.158 m)
Has Telefone: 210 2464666
Capacity: 40 persons
Heat: Fireplace, central heating
Water Supply: Piped from spring
Kitchen: Organized
Toilet: Indoor
Telephone: 210 2461528, 210 2404100

Name: Spilios Agapitos
Mountain: Olympos
Office: National Federation of Alpine Clubs
Address: Milioni 5106 73 Athens
Place: Balkoni (2.100 m)
Has Telefone: 23520 81800, 23520 81329
Capacity: 110 persons
Heat: Fireplace in the dining-rooms
Water Supply: 3 tanks
Kitchen: Organized
Toilet: Indoor and outdoor
Telephone: 210 3645904
Fax: 210 3644687
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