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  Chania Rethymno Heraklio Lassithi  
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1. Agios Nikolaos4. Anatoli7. Kalo Horio - Istron10. Milatos13. Palekastro
2. Almiros5. Elounda8. Koutsounari - Ferma11. Mochlos14. Sissi
3. Amoudara6. Ierapetra9. Makris Gialos12. Neapoli15. Sitia


Milatos - Lassithi - Crete - Greece
Milatos - Lassithi - Crete - Greece
Milatos - Lassithi - Crete - Greece
Milatos - Lassithi - Crete - Greece
  In the area, which is commonly known as The Cave of Rapa, and more generally as The Cave of Milatos, is located East of Milatos. Its height is 155m. The cave has eight small and larger entrances, covering a space of 40m with three different levels. The cave of Milatos is well known because of the drama that occurred there in February of 1823. The infamous Hasan Pasas, having destroyed and devastated Lasithi at the beginning of 1823, took action in Mirabello. The citizens foreseeing their fate went to hide in the caves. The residents of Vrahasi went to the Cave of Peristera, and those from Upper Mirabello went to the Cave of Milatos. Hasan Pasas sent the Albanian deputy-general Husain Vei with 5000 soldiers to attack the cave. The local military guards tried to restrain Husain, and caused him considerable damage, but finally the cave was surrounded. The 150 defenders fought bravely and killed many of the attacking force. This horrendous drama lasted from the third to the fifteenth of February, 1823.The hostages began to experience the tortures of thirst and hunger. The smell of dead bodies was terrible. The pressure from the attackers was increasing. Cannons were brought in and they bombarded the entrance to the cave from the opposite heights. The hostages were suffering patiently. They expected help from the outside. In fact, 2500 soldiers came to help. The numbers of soldiers of Hasas Pasa and their cannon power was overwhelming. The Turks called upon the prisoners to surrender, swearing that they would not harm them, but the Christians were unable to believe their guarantees. Finally, their needs forced them to make an exit. Initially the warriors ventured out. The first thirty who came out were mercilessly slaughtered by the Turks. This was followed by the pursuit and massacre of women and children. Those who were captured were tied up with ropes and chains and driven to Neapolis. The older people were transferred to a place called Grampelis. There the Turkish cavalry trampled them to death. They beheaded them and made a pyramid of the heads as a trophy, and the women and children were sold as slaves. The infants were completely butchered. Eighteen priests were killed or burned alive. This is how the terrible drama of the Caves of Milatos ended.  


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