Amalia Hotel Olympia Ilia Peloponnese
Amalia Hotel Olympia Ilia Peloponnese Greece.
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Olympia was the place, where ancient Greeks performed the first Olympic Games. A magical place filled with the energy of all the athletes and spectators over the centuries. When you step on the ground, you can not help but hear the first lines of the Olympic hymn ... “immortal spirit of antiquity, father of the true, the beautiful and good...” and imagine the beginning of it all...

Amalia Olympia is a unique place that combines the energy, the space and tranquility of the area with excellent services. Spacious comfortable rooms, endless green gardens, a large swimming pool, restaurant with all kinds of treats and a marble lobby with cozy corners around the fireplace create a relaxing atmosphere. The Hotel is ideally located in close proximity from all major historical and cultural sites.

Amalia Hotel Olympia Ilia Peloponnese
Amalia Hotels
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